Mar 292012

From the Daily Mail (two separate pages today)


An article in Friday’s paper suggested Google’s new privacy policy allows it to gather more information about its customers’ internet use.

We are happy to clarify that the change in fact enables Google to share the information it already obtains across its various services.

[I think I’ve got the right article. And I think it’s been corrected silently. But it’s hard to be sure on both counts]

Thusha Kamaleswaran

An article yesterday about Thusha Kamaleswaran, the six-year-old girl left wheelchair-bound after being shot by a gangster, reported the family’s claim that Redbridge Borough Council had told them that they were not entitled to specially adapted accommodation and that there was no suitable school place available for her. The Council inform us that they had been seeking an appropriate property which has now been identified and that a suitable school place has been confirmed.

[This article has not been corrected on  the Mail web site]