Apr 012012

From the Daily Mail

Gordon Brown

The parliamentary sketch on Thursday March 22 made reference to Gordon Brown’s tax affairs. We are pleased to confirm that Mr Brown receives no personal income from any of his speeches or writings. All income from those activities goes to The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd to support their charitable and public service work. We accept that Mr Brown has no company structure in place in order to avoid tax and that he and the Company pay all taxes due.

[I can’t find this article on the Mail web site. That might mean that it has been silently corrected or removed. Or it might mean that it was never published on the web site]

Mar 142012

From the Daily Mail

50p Tax Rate

A comment article in Monday’s paper suggested that the present government had introduced the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 a year.

While the Coalition have retained the rate, it was in fact introduced by the previous Labour government.

[There were a number of articles published on Monday that mention the 50p tax rate, but none of them still seem to claim that it was introduced by this government. So I assume the the article has been silently corrected.]

John Lewis

An article in last week’s City pages said that the department store division of John Lewis had posted sales of £7.86bn and made an operating profit of £393.3m. In fact, these figures applied to the whole group including Waitrose.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]