Apr 062012

From the Daily Mail

Lynne Featherstone MP

An article on 10 June 2011 reported, in common with other newspapers, that Lynne Featherstone MP had accused Dr Jane Collins, chief executive of Great Ormond Street, of a cover-up by withholding information from the first serious case review into the death of Baby P.

While the hospital trust did withhold information, we are informed that it did so on legal advice due to ongoing criminal proceedings and that, once the trial was over, the information was provided.

We accept that there was no cover-up and apologise for suggesting otherwise.

[I’m not sure which article this story refers to. There’s one dated 18th June which says that Lynne Featherstone has called for Jane Collins to be sacked. But it doesn’t make any claims of a cover-up. It’s possible that this is the right story and it was updated on 18th June to remove the incorrect claims]

Fred Brookes

A sports report in yesterday’s paper said that Old Swinford Hospital School’s Fred Brookes scored the only try in the Daily Mail RBS Under 18 Cup Final. In fact it was his brother Cass.

[This story has been silently corrected on the Mail web site]

Feb 202012

From the Daily Mail


In common with other newspapers, we published an agency report on 15 September which said that workers at a Waterstone’s warehouse had petitioned their bosses over ‘breaches of their human rights.’ We are happy to clarify that this was a summary of their position rather than the actual expression used.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Dan Lydiate

An agency photograph in last Tuesday’s sports pages was incorrectly captioned as showing Welsh rugby player Dan Lydiate. In fact, contrary to the information supplied, the picture showed fellow Welsh rugby international Jonathan Davies.

[It’s hard to know which story this refers to. I think it might be this one – in which case it hasn’t been corrected]