Mar 252012

From the Mail on Sunday

Société Général

Société Générale – On August 7, 2011, we reported Société Générale was in dire financial difficulties because of its exposure to Greek debt, and that the French government was on standby to bail out the bank. We accept that this was untrue; the bank was not in serious financial difficulties, nor was it on the brink of insolvency or in line for a bailout from the French government. We have apologised to the bank and have agreed to pay damages.

[The story in question seems to have been removed from the Mail web site and replaced with this apology. The apology claims to be dated 9th August 2011 – which makes me wonder how much you can trust the dates on Mail stories]

MS Society

The MS Society has asked us to make clear it does not advocate hyperbaric oxygen treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. Centres mentioned in a health article last week are run by a different charity called MS National Therapy Centres.

[This story has been silently corrected on t he Mail web site. Actually, it’s possible that no correction was needed. Perhaps the MS Society just asked for a clarification of their position. Anyway, they are not mentioned in the current version of the story]

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman did not say she left Countdown because Channel 4 bosses wanted ‘fresh meat’. She said they wanted ‘fresh faces’. Our story on March 11 about her interview with Piers Morgan also said Ms Vorderman is a maths graduate. In fact it is engineering.

[I think I have the right story. It no longer makes either of the claims mentioned above]

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy did not introduce year-round white-topped caps during WW2 as our report about new uniforms said last week. Black tops in winter continued until some time after the mid-1950s.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Rickie Sehgal

On January 15 we published a picture of Tory Party fundraiser Rickie Sehgal with a woman captioned as his wife. In fact it was Mrs Anjana Patel, who is unrelated. We apologise for our error.

[I think I’ve got the right article, but it doesn’t contain a picture of Rickie Sehgal with a woman]