Nov 142011

From the Daily Mail

European Court of Human Rights

Our article of June 29 reported that a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights had ‘blocked the deportation of some 200 Somali criminals’ from the UK. The 200 figure was based on a Home Office estimate that 2/3 of the 214 Somalis taking cases to the Court had a criminal background and that the remaining third included illegal immigrants, who are by definition criminals. There was also a minority of failed asylum seekers.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Prince William

An article on Friday said that Prince William was hoping to be promoted to captain in the RAF next year. In fact the prince, who is currently flying as a co-pilot, is hoping to become pilot of his own Sea King helicopter.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Oct 222011

From the Mail on Sunday

Prince William

Last week we said Prince William, who is a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, was hoping for promotion to captain. In fact there is no such  rank in the RAF. We meant the Prince was hoping for promotion to command a helicopter.


In a Health article on June 19, we said the prescription drug Sativex, which is derived from cannabis, does not give patients a ‘high’ because the dose is low and comprises a controlled form of the substance. In fact, a feeling of euphoria is listed as a common side effect.

Cat Deeley

Contrary to our report last week, Cat Deeley has never been married. She would also like it known that it was not her ex-boyfriend Jack Huston who chose to end their relationship.

West Ham FC

Some early copies of the paper last weekend said West Ham FC were unbeaten in their last 18 home matches. Later editions were corrected by addition of the words ‘against Blackpool’.