Mar 042012

From the Mail on Sunday

Portsmouth FC

Last week’s match report said volunteers were carrying collection buckets at Portsmouth FC to help the club.

In fact, the collection was for Faith and Football, a charity founded by Linvoy Primus and other Christian footballers.

[I can’t find this story on the Mail web site]

Frank Carson

A picture of a young Frank Carson on holiday with his wife, Ruth, near Ballyjamesduff, was said to be in West Ireland.

The town is actually in County Cavan to the north and centre of the Republic.

[I can’t find this story on the Mail web site]

Motor Insurance

A Personal Finance article said the minimum motor insurance required in the UK is third party,  fire and theft. In fact, it is only  third party.

[This article has been corrected on the Mail site. The correction has been noted]