Nov 132011

From the Mail on Sunday

Green Stealth Taxes

On September 18 and on October 29 we said the Government’s ‘green stealth taxes’ are costing families an average of £200 a year – an increase of 15 – 20 per cent on typical domestic power bills. In fact Ofgem estimates that environmental costs account for 7 per cent, or £100, of the average domestic power bill.

[Neither of these stories have been corrected on the Mail web site]

Duchess of Cambridge

Last week we incorrectly referred to The Queen as the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother-in-law. Her Majesty is, of course, the Duchess’s grandmother-in-law.

[The story on the Mail web site has been edited to reflect this correction with no indication that any edit has taken place]

M5 Motorway Accident

Regarding our report of last weekend’s M5 motorway accident, there have been four motorway crashes in which 13 died, most recently near the Severn Bridge in 1995. Britain’s worst road accident was in North Yorkshire in 1975 when a coach went off a bridge killing 33.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]