Nov 032011

From the Daily Mail

Rachel Cowles

An article on 27 June reported that Miss Rachel Cowles, who believes she had nearly been abducted by Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield, had accused police of robbing her of justice.

In fact Miss Cowles has publicly thanked Surrey Police for their hard work on the case. Neither she nor her family  hold police responsible for the outcome.

We are happy to clarify Miss Cowles’ position.

[This story has been corrected on the Mail web site. A note has been added to the end of the story describing the correction]

Yohan Cabaye

A commentary article in the sports pages on October 29 said that Newcastle United had signed Yohan Cabaye from French club Lille on a free transfer. He was in fact signed for an undisclosed fee.

[This story remains uncorrected on the Mail web site]