Mar 142012

From the Daily Mail

50p Tax Rate

A comment article in Monday’s paper suggested that the present government had introduced the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 a year.

While the Coalition have retained the rate, it was in fact introduced by the previous Labour government.

[There were a number of articles published on Monday that mention the 50p tax rate, but none of them still seem to claim that it was introduced by this government. So I assume the the article has been silently corrected.]

John Lewis

An article in last week’s City pages said that the department store division of John Lewis had posted sales of £7.86bn and made an operating profit of £393.3m. In fact, these figures applied to the whole group including Waitrose.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Feb 222012

From the Daily Mail

[Note: Usually corrections and clarifications are published overnight. This one appeared at just after 4pm on 22 Feb. I assume it was published in the paper on 23 Feb]

Disability Living Allowance

An editorial on 11 November suggested that Labour had encouraged the huge rise in the number of Disability Living Allowance claimants in order to keep the unemployment figures down. We are happy to clarify that the Disability Living Allowance – which is worth an average of £70 a week – is available to people in work as well as the unemployed.

[The date, the comments and the HTML title tag on the article I’ve linked to together convince me that I have the correct article. But the text says nothing about the DLA, so it looks like the incorrect information has been removed]


It is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this summer rather than her Golden Jubilee, as we mistakenly said in an article in Monday’s paper.

[I can’t find this on the Mail web site. I suspect it’s important enough that they have corrected it without noting the correction]

Dec 162011

From the Daily Mail

Sir Stuart Bell MP

A comment piece (9 September) said that the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette had left messages with the office of Sir Stuart Bell MP 100 times which were not returned.

In fact the Gazette had reported that its calls had not been answered. He does not have a pied a terre in Paris as we suggested and he has had no abode in France since 1977.

His only home is in his constituency which also acts as his office. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for the errors.

[The story on the Mail web site has been edited to reflect this correction with no indication that any edit has taken place]

Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s share price closed at €39.50 not 39.5p as it said in At A Glance on our City pages yesterday.

[I can’t find this story on the Mail web site]