Jan 122012

From the Daily Mail

Austrian Snow

In common with other newspapers,we published an agency picture yesterday to accompany a story about freak snowfalls in the Alps which was captioned as showing a snow-bound road in Austria. We now understand that, in contrary to the information  supplied by the agency, the road is in fact in Japan.

[This photo has been removed from the story on the Mail site. There is no indication that a correction has been made. Interestingly, the headline (and hence the URL) has also changed. Originally it read “More than 1,000 skiers trapped in the Alps after freak 18ft snowfall”, now it is “European ski resorts in ‘lockdown’ after freak snowfalls cut road, rail and air links”. Angry Mob covered this error yesterday.]

Dr Simon Willcock

An article on July 10, 2010 alleged that Dr Simon Willcock was under investigation for wrongly promoting his partner Alexia Rothwell-Sykes and giving her a six-figure salary while director of a Department of Health computer project. In fact, an internal enquiry found Dr Willlcock had not abused his position with regard to Ms Rothwell-Sykes’ pay. It was also wrong to suggest that their expenses claims were being looked into and that their relationship was long-standing. We apologise to them and their families for any distress caused.

[This story appears to have been removed from the Mail site. Interestingly, this correction was added to the corrections for 12th Jan halfway through the day. I don’t know whether or not it was in the paper.]