Mar 182012

From the Mail on Sunday

Dominic Raab

An article on January 30, 2011, suggested that Dominic Raab MP behaved  as a sexist bully in a previous job as an office manager. We accept that our allegations were unfounded and we apologise to Mr Raab for the damage, embarrassment and offence caused.

[It looks like the story used to be here, but it has been removed]

Katia Elizarova

Regarding Live magazine’s article last Sunday, ‘The Russian who’s lording it up’, we would like  to make clear that Katia Elizarova is not, and has not been, engaged in an affair with Leon Max. She is a fashion model and actress contracted to represent  Mr Max’s clothing business.

[Currently, the article doesn’t make that claim, but it’s not hard to see how someone could reach that conclusion from what the article says]


On February 26 we said police were investigating claims that staff at the employment firm A4e  had stolen ‘Government vouchers’ intended to  buy clothing to help unemployed people  going for job interviews. We would like to make  clear that any vouchers  were purchased by A4e  and not provided by the Government.

[It looks like the story was here. It has been removed]

Jochen Rindt

Live magazine said last week that Formula 1 driver Jochen Rindt never won a championship. In fact he won posthumously in 1970 after his tragic death at Monza near the end of the season.

[I can’t find this story on  the Mail web site]


A story last week referred to Lake Windermere. The correct name is simply Windermere.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail site]