Jun 012012

From the Daily Mail

An Ephraim Hardcastle item last week suggested that the New Statesman appeared to have boosted its coverage of Jewish affairs following the departure of senior political writer Mehdi Hasan. Mr Hasan informs us that in fact he has not yet left and that the recent British Jewish edition was his idea
[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Oct 202011

From the Daily Mail

[Note: For reasons that I don’t understand, there are two sets of corrections dated 20th October 2011]

Lady Moore

The Daily Mail apologised in court yesterday for wrongly identifying, in a one-paragraph item in the Ephraim Hardcastle column, Lady Moore, the wife of Sir Roger Moore, as the subject of a Spectator column by Taki about a Swedish beauty who had courted rich men on the French Riviera in the 1950s.

We accepted that Lady Moore was not the person to whom Taki was referring and have agreed to pay damages and costs.

Illegal Immigrants

Commentary articles on 5 and 16 August referred to six individuals apprehended in France who were attempting to enter Britain in wheelie bins on a lorry as asylum seekers when they should have been described as illegal immigrants.

We are happy to set the record straight.

Mummified Cabbie

Yesterday’s article about the terminally ill cabbie who chose to be mummified said that the Channel 4 documentary about him had been screened on Monday.

In fact it will be shown next Monday.