Nov 232011

From the Daily Mail

Nathaniel Rothschild

Our article ‘Osborne, the Bullingdon and the night Rothschild was revived by his butler’ published on October 1 2011 referred to a number of incidents involving Nathaniel Rothschild at an event at the Rothschild family home. Mr Rothschild has confirmed that these incidents did not in fact occur. We are happy to set the record straight.

[This article has been removed from the Mail web site]

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

A commentary article by Melanie Phillips on Monday – corrected immediately online – said that the UK has committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions to 80 per cent of their 1990 levels by 2050. The correct position is that we have committed to reducing them by 80 per cent.

[The story on the Mail web site has been edited to reflect this correction with no indication that any edit has taken place]

Oct 302011

From the Mail on Sunday

Ekaterina Zatuleveter

Last Sunday we said part of MI5’s case against the spy-suspect Ekaterina Zatuleveter is her membership of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

The Club states Ms Zatuleveter is not a member and has never been invited to join its activities, which are to provide an independent scholarly analysis of political, economic and social processes in Russia and  the world.

Climate Change Act 2008

On October 9 an article said the Climate Change Act 2008 included a voluntary commitment to reduce Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions to 80 per cent of their 1990 level by 2050. In fact the Act says the emissions should be cut BY 80 per cent.

Brain Train

Last week we printed the wrong answers to the Brain Train puzzle in our Brain Workout section. The correct solutions were:  A-B=46, B-C=123, C-D=623.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Contrary to our reference to Brad Pitt as Angelina Jolie’s ‘husband’, the couple are not, in fact, married.