Oct 202011

From the Daily Mail

[Note: For reasons that I don’t understand, there are two sets of corrections dated 21st October 2011]

Neil Morrissey

An article on 19 March suggested that actor Neil Morrissey had been banned from a French bar for drunken behaviour and encouraging binge-drinking, and that his property was worth £500,000.

While we were shown a poster which indicated that he had been barred, we now accept that none of these allegations are correct. We also accept that local property valuations were overstated. We apologise to Mr Morrissey.

Gluten-Free Bread

An article on 19 July reported, in common with other newspapers, that the NHS paid £32.27 per loaf of gluten-free bread for patients with coeliac disease.

In fact, this was the price for an average prescription of several loaves; the price per loaf was around £2.82.

Solar Power

A recent Moneymail article stated that generators of solar power receive 3.1p for every kilowatt hour of energy that they export to the national grid. In fact the tariff, linked to RPI, is 3.1p per kWh for 50pc of the total generated.