Apr 232012

From the Daily Mail

Mark Rodgers

In common with other newspapers, we published an article in yesterday’s paper which incorrectly identified Mark Rodgers, the father of Poppy Rodgers, 16, who died in an apparent drugs-related death, as a research fellow at York University. The University has asked us to point out that their researcher of the same name has no connection to the family concerned.

[This information has been silently removed from the story on the Mail web site]

Apr 132012

From the Daily Mail


An article on February 15 suggested that 17 BBC workers had carried on in the same jobs after accepting redundancy money of £57,000 each. We are happy to clarify that, while their leaving dates were delayed, the workers did not in fact receive their pay-offs until they had left.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail site]

Apr 062012

From the Daily Mail

Lynne Featherstone MP

An article on 10 June 2011 reported, in common with other newspapers, that Lynne Featherstone MP had accused Dr Jane Collins, chief executive of Great Ormond Street, of a cover-up by withholding information from the first serious case review into the death of Baby P.

While the hospital trust did withhold information, we are informed that it did so on legal advice due to ongoing criminal proceedings and that, once the trial was over, the information was provided.

We accept that there was no cover-up and apologise for suggesting otherwise.

[I’m not sure which article this story refers to. There’s one dated 18th June which says that Lynne Featherstone has called for Jane Collins to be sacked. But it doesn’t make any claims of a cover-up. It’s possible that this is the right story and it was updated on 18th June to remove the incorrect claims]

Fred Brookes

A sports report in yesterday’s paper said that Old Swinford Hospital School’s Fred Brookes scored the only try in the Daily Mail RBS Under 18 Cup Final. In fact it was his brother Cass.

[This story has been silently corrected on the Mail web site]

Apr 042012

From the Daily Mail

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

A report on research by the University of Bristol on 26 October was headlined ‘One cannabis joint “can bring on schizophrenia”.’ We are happy to clarify that, as the article explained, the research on rats found that the active ingredient in cannabis could induce symptoms similar to schizophrenia, rather than schizophrenia itself.

[This article has been silently corrected]

Apr 012012

From the Daily Mail

Gordon Brown

The parliamentary sketch on Thursday March 22 made reference to Gordon Brown’s tax affairs. We are pleased to confirm that Mr Brown receives no personal income from any of his speeches or writings. All income from those activities goes to The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd to support their charitable and public service work. We accept that Mr Brown has no company structure in place in order to avoid tax and that he and the Company pay all taxes due.

[I can’t find this article on the Mail web site. That might mean that it has been silently corrected or removed. Or it might mean that it was never published on the web site]

Mar 302012

From the Daily Mail

Sheryl Gascoigne

A column by Amanda Platell on 17 September 2011 referred to Sheryl Gascoigne as a ‘gold digger’ and as ‘sleazy and degrading company’ for the other participants in the Leveson Inquiry. We now accept that these allegations are entirely unfounded and went beyond fair comment. We have sincerely apologised to Ms Gascoigne in court for the distress caused and have agreed to pay her substantial damages and costs.

[All references to Sheryl Gascoigne have been silently removed from this article. Interestingly, the article was last updated on 3rd February. It seems to have taken them eight weeks to get round to mentioning the correction]




Mar 292012

From the Daily Mail (two separate pages today)


An article in Friday’s paper suggested Google’s new privacy policy allows it to gather more information about its customers’ internet use.

We are happy to clarify that the change in fact enables Google to share the information it already obtains across its various services.

[I think I’ve got the right article. And I think it’s been corrected silently. But it’s hard to be sure on both counts]

Thusha Kamaleswaran

An article yesterday about Thusha Kamaleswaran, the six-year-old girl left wheelchair-bound after being shot by a gangster, reported the family’s claim that Redbridge Borough Council had told them that they were not entitled to specially adapted accommodation and that there was no suitable school place available for her. The Council inform us that they had been seeking an appropriate property which has now been identified and that a suitable school place has been confirmed.

[This article has not been corrected on  the Mail web site]

Mar 272012

From the Daily Mail

Kate Levy

An article on 2 February suggested that Kate Levy, former Head of Legal at Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust, had improperly sought to prevent details of a patient’s death being disclosed to a Coroner.

In fact Ms Levy was under no obligation to disclose this information and acted in accordance with her duties as a solicitor. We apologise for any contrary impression given.

[This article has been removed from the Mail web site]

Andrea Pirlo

A column in our sports pages last week said that footballer Andrea Pirlo plays for AC Milan. In fact he now plays for Juventus.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Mar 202012

From the Daily Mail

Occupy London

In common with other newspapers, an article in October said that police thermal images showed nine out of ten tents in the Occupy London protest camp were empty at night.

We are happy to clarify that this information – backed up by subsequent thermal images taken by the Daily Mail – was based on comments by Councillor Matthew Richardson and an informed police source.

[A note has been added to this story on the Mail web site. Another similar story published the following day remains uncorrected]


An article last week said that A4e has been appointed by the Skills Funding Agency to run prison education programmes in London and the east of England.

We have been asked to clarify that, while A4e are the preferred bidders, contracts will not be awarded until the summer.

[This article has been removed from the Mail web site]



Mar 142012

From the Daily Mail

50p Tax Rate

A comment article in Monday’s paper suggested that the present government had introduced the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 a year.

While the Coalition have retained the rate, it was in fact introduced by the previous Labour government.

[There were a number of articles published on Monday that mention the 50p tax rate, but none of them still seem to claim that it was introduced by this government. So I assume the the article has been silently corrected.]

John Lewis

An article in last week’s City pages said that the department store division of John Lewis had posted sales of £7.86bn and made an operating profit of £393.3m. In fact, these figures applied to the whole group including Waitrose.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]