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The Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday have started to publish regular “Corrections and Clarifications” columns. But I think they are being somewhat half-hearted about this.

In my opinion, a decent corrections and clarification policy for a newspaper would include the following:

  • Corrections and clarifications stories would appear in the paper’s web feed. The Mail don’t seem to be doing this.
  • Corrections and clarifications stories would include a link back to the original story on the paper’s web site. The Mail are not doing this.
  • The original story would be edited to reflect the correction. The Mail do this in some cases.
  • The corrections that have taken place would be described on the original story. The Mail do this in a small number of cases.
  • The original story would be updated to contain a link to the correction or clarification. The Mail are not doing this.

So this site is my attempt to correct some of these shortcomings.

Already, the site has a web feed containing all of the Mail’s corrections and clarifications. I’ll keep that updated as they publish more.

I’m trying to update my posts so that they include links to the original stories when I can find them. This is the hard part of running this site, but you can help. If you see a link that I’m missing, please mention it in the comments.

As for my last three points, updating the original story in various ways, as I don’t have access to the Mail’s web site publishing system, there’s nothing I can do there.

I’ve also added tags to the stories so it will hopefully become easier to trace the kinds of stories that the Mail publish corrections for. I’m happy to take corrections for other tags to add.

I’m working under the assumption that the Mail would do all this if they could, but that their content management is a bit old and clunky and makes it too hard to implement these features. I’m available at my usual rates to advise them on fixing that if they are interested.

About me

I’m Dave Cross. I have a more general blog about media, technology, politics and lots of other stuff over at davblog. You can also follow me on Twitter as davorg.

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  1. I acted for Neil Morrissey in his recent libel action against the Daily Mail. We made a submission to the Leveson Inquiry about the case in particular concerning the lack of prominence given to the “apology”. The submission should be appearing on the Inquiry website at some stage today. Paul Dacre was asked a series of questions about it when he gave evidence last week.

    Your corrections and clarifications blog is an excellent idea and highlights the Mail’s policy of burying apologies on its own site.

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