May 262012

From the Daily Mail

Olympic Torches

A picture supplied by a freelance photographer to accompany Monday’s article about runners selling their Olympic torches was incorrectly captioned as showing Andrew Bell. In fact, contrary to the information supplied, the runner pictured was Andrew Marston.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

May 172012

From the Daily Mail

Julia Carta

In common with other newspapers, we recently reported Sharon Osbourne’s claim that Simon Cowell’s make-up artist Julia Carta had an affair with him while he was engaged to another woman.

Ms Carta informs us, and we accept, that this was not the case and that their relationship is purely professional.

We regret any contrary suggestion.

[This article has been corrected and the correction has been noted]

May 132012

From the Mail on Sunday

Terra Firma Capital Partners

Financial Mail said companies owned by private equity firm Terra Firma Capital Partners Ltd were among those said to be delaying payment to small suppliers. In fact, The Garden Centre Group’s payment terms were introduced before its acquisition by Terra Firma this year. Terra Firma has not owned EMI since February 2011 and has not yet acquired the Four Seasons health care group. We apologise for these mistakes.

[It’s really not clear which article this correction is talking about, so I have no idea whether or not it has been corrected.]

Alan Holmes and Daniel Morgan

An article about the Brink’s-Mat robbery mentioned a policeman called Alan ‘Taffy’ Holmes who shot himself after a corruption investigation. We mistakenly published a picture of a different Alan Holmes, a civilian police employee who was murdered in an unrelated crime.

We would also like to make clear that the murdered private detective Daniel Morgan had never, in fact, been a police officer.

[The article no longer mentions Alan Holmes or contains a picture of him, but the comments contain someone pointing out their error. The article still describes Daniel Morgan twice as an ex-policemen.]

May 102012

From the Daily Mail

David Blunkett

A diary item in Tuesday’s paper said that David Blunkett was forced to resign in 2005 after failing to declare his interest in DNA Bioscience.

In fact, while he inadvertently failed to consult the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments over his appointment as a director of the firm, he had declared his shareholding and was later found to have followed correct procedure.

[This story appears to have been removed from the Mail web site]
May 102012

From the Daily Mail


Due to a production error in Dr Martin Scurr’s column in Tuesday’s paper, we incorrectly stated that the dose of amitriptyline used to treat migraine is 200mg. In fact the correct dose is 20mg; 200mg is the dose for treating depression.

[This story has been silently corrected on the Mail web site]

Prince Charles’s Staff

A comment article on May 1 said that Prince Charles’s staff are paid from ‘public funds’. We are happy to clarify that these costs are in fact
paid out of income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

May 042012

From the Daily Mail

Ivan Esack

An article in Tuesday’s paper suggested that Ivan Esack, who is suspected of killing his wife Natalie in his Ashford hair salon, also owned a local business called Elegant Nails and Beauty. In fact Mr Esack has no involvement in this business.

[This article has been silently corrected on the Mail web site]