Mar 302012

From the Daily Mail

Sheryl Gascoigne

A column by Amanda Platell on 17 September 2011 referred to Sheryl Gascoigne as a ‘gold digger’ and as ‘sleazy and degrading company’ for the other participants in the Leveson Inquiry. We now accept that these allegations are entirely unfounded and went beyond fair comment. We have sincerely apologised to Ms Gascoigne in court for the distress caused and have agreed to pay her substantial damages and costs.

[All references to Sheryl Gascoigne have been silently removed from this article. Interestingly, the article was last updated on 3rd February. It seems to have taken them eight weeks to get round to mentioning the correction]




Mar 292012

From the Daily Mail (two separate pages today)


An article in Friday’s paper suggested Google’s new privacy policy allows it to gather more information about its customers’ internet use.

We are happy to clarify that the change in fact enables Google to share the information it already obtains across its various services.

[I think I’ve got the right article. And I think it’s been corrected silently. But it’s hard to be sure on both counts]

Thusha Kamaleswaran

An article yesterday about Thusha Kamaleswaran, the six-year-old girl left wheelchair-bound after being shot by a gangster, reported the family’s claim that Redbridge Borough Council had told them that they were not entitled to specially adapted accommodation and that there was no suitable school place available for her. The Council inform us that they had been seeking an appropriate property which has now been identified and that a suitable school place has been confirmed.

[This article has not been corrected on  the Mail web site]

Mar 272012

From the Daily Mail

Kate Levy

An article on 2 February suggested that Kate Levy, former Head of Legal at Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust, had improperly sought to prevent details of a patient’s death being disclosed to a Coroner.

In fact Ms Levy was under no obligation to disclose this information and acted in accordance with her duties as a solicitor. We apologise for any contrary impression given.

[This article has been removed from the Mail web site]

Andrea Pirlo

A column in our sports pages last week said that footballer Andrea Pirlo plays for AC Milan. In fact he now plays for Juventus.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Mar 252012

From the Mail on Sunday

Société Général

Société Générale – On August 7, 2011, we reported Société Générale was in dire financial difficulties because of its exposure to Greek debt, and that the French government was on standby to bail out the bank. We accept that this was untrue; the bank was not in serious financial difficulties, nor was it on the brink of insolvency or in line for a bailout from the French government. We have apologised to the bank and have agreed to pay damages.

[The story in question seems to have been removed from the Mail web site and replaced with this apology. The apology claims to be dated 9th August 2011 – which makes me wonder how much you can trust the dates on Mail stories]

MS Society

The MS Society has asked us to make clear it does not advocate hyperbaric oxygen treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. Centres mentioned in a health article last week are run by a different charity called MS National Therapy Centres.

[This story has been silently corrected on t he Mail web site. Actually, it’s possible that no correction was needed. Perhaps the MS Society just asked for a clarification of their position. Anyway, they are not mentioned in the current version of the story]

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman did not say she left Countdown because Channel 4 bosses wanted ‘fresh meat’. She said they wanted ‘fresh faces’. Our story on March 11 about her interview with Piers Morgan also said Ms Vorderman is a maths graduate. In fact it is engineering.

[I think I have the right story. It no longer makes either of the claims mentioned above]

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy did not introduce year-round white-topped caps during WW2 as our report about new uniforms said last week. Black tops in winter continued until some time after the mid-1950s.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Rickie Sehgal

On January 15 we published a picture of Tory Party fundraiser Rickie Sehgal with a woman captioned as his wife. In fact it was Mrs Anjana Patel, who is unrelated. We apologise for our error.

[I think I’ve got the right article, but it doesn’t contain a picture of Rickie Sehgal with a woman]

Mar 202012

From the Daily Mail

Occupy London

In common with other newspapers, an article in October said that police thermal images showed nine out of ten tents in the Occupy London protest camp were empty at night.

We are happy to clarify that this information – backed up by subsequent thermal images taken by the Daily Mail – was based on comments by Councillor Matthew Richardson and an informed police source.

[A note has been added to this story on the Mail web site. Another similar story published the following day remains uncorrected]


An article last week said that A4e has been appointed by the Skills Funding Agency to run prison education programmes in London and the east of England.

We have been asked to clarify that, while A4e are the preferred bidders, contracts will not be awarded until the summer.

[This article has been removed from the Mail web site]



Mar 182012

From the Mail on Sunday

Dominic Raab

An article on January 30, 2011, suggested that Dominic Raab MP behaved  as a sexist bully in a previous job as an office manager. We accept that our allegations were unfounded and we apologise to Mr Raab for the damage, embarrassment and offence caused.

[It looks like the story used to be here, but it has been removed]

Katia Elizarova

Regarding Live magazine’s article last Sunday, ‘The Russian who’s lording it up’, we would like  to make clear that Katia Elizarova is not, and has not been, engaged in an affair with Leon Max. She is a fashion model and actress contracted to represent  Mr Max’s clothing business.

[Currently, the article doesn’t make that claim, but it’s not hard to see how someone could reach that conclusion from what the article says]


On February 26 we said police were investigating claims that staff at the employment firm A4e  had stolen ‘Government vouchers’ intended to  buy clothing to help unemployed people  going for job interviews. We would like to make  clear that any vouchers  were purchased by A4e  and not provided by the Government.

[It looks like the story was here. It has been removed]

Jochen Rindt

Live magazine said last week that Formula 1 driver Jochen Rindt never won a championship. In fact he won posthumously in 1970 after his tragic death at Monza near the end of the season.

[I can’t find this story on  the Mail web site]


A story last week referred to Lake Windermere. The correct name is simply Windermere.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail site]

Mar 142012

From the Daily Mail

50p Tax Rate

A comment article in Monday’s paper suggested that the present government had introduced the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 a year.

While the Coalition have retained the rate, it was in fact introduced by the previous Labour government.

[There were a number of articles published on Monday that mention the 50p tax rate, but none of them still seem to claim that it was introduced by this government. So I assume the the article has been silently corrected.]

John Lewis

An article in last week’s City pages said that the department store division of John Lewis had posted sales of £7.86bn and made an operating profit of £393.3m. In fact, these figures applied to the whole group including Waitrose.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Mar 112012

From the Mail on Sunday

Prince Harry

A spokesman for Prince Harry has asked to point out that the Prince  was not drunk at the street party in Belize pictured last weekend, as may have been suggested by our headline.

The Prince sampled local rum, a cocktail and fruit wine but did not drink five beers as suggested.

[Two possibilities for the correct story here. This one still talks about Harry drinking five types of local beer. This one used to say that, but no longer does. It think the second one was published on the correct date]

Manchester United

Sport last week said Manchester United had last played Athletic Bilbao  in 1957 and lost. In fact, although United lost 5-3 in the first leg, they won 3-0 at home and therefore won the tie on aggregate.

[I can’t find this story on the Mail web site]


Financial Mail said last week that savers with money purchase pensions have to buy an annuity on retirement. In fact, draw-down can be an option.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Highclere Castle

In the Health section we said Highclere Castle, the setting for Downton Abbey, is in Berkshire. It is actually in Hampshire.

[This story has not been corrected on the Mail web site]

Mar 092012

From the Daily Mail

British Medical Association

A comment article on 29 February said that doctors were considering strike action over proposed changes to their pensions.

The British Medical Association asks us to clarify that, while members are being balloted on industrial action, it has already ruled out strikes.

[This article has not been corrected on the Mail site]

Mar 082012

From the Daily Mail

Julian Assange

A column on 12 July suggested that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had hacked into the security services and published information which got people killed.

Mr Assange asks us to clarify that Wikileaks does not itself ‘hack’ but provides a secure facility for anonymous sources to deposit information online.

While the U.S. government has warned that Wikileaks disclosures put lives at risk, no such deaths have to date been reported.

[It’s not clear which story this refers to. This one was published on the right day, but doesn’t make the claims listed. Perhaps it has been silently corrected]

[Update: It seems that this correction refers to this Littlejohn column. All references to Assange and Wikileaks have been silently removed from the article, but they are still mentioned in the comments.]