Feb 292012

From the Daily Mail

Hank Roberts

In an article on 27 June 2011 we said that ATL union officer Hank Roberts had bullied staff at Copland College in North London into going on strike. We accept that Mr Roberts did not bully anyone and are happy to set the record straight.

[A comment on the article I have linked to indicates that it previously did mention Copland College, but all references in the article have been removed. These removals have not been noted]

  One Response to “Corrections and Clarifications 29 Feb 2012”

  1. I hold no brief for the Mail, but one or two of the original statements (there was one earlier about HMS Astute when the Mail accurately (!) reported from a Court submission in France – and in French) seem to have been fair comment, with “corrections” forced on the paper by powerful outsiders.

    Here, how do you distinguish “bullying” from “robust and aggressive argument”? Roberts was veey forceful after his return from suspension (for forgery). I personally would not have disagreed with the Mail’s choice of words but can see that it would have been very hard to justify formally to an expensive Court.

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