Dec 122011

From the Daily Mail

Gila Bend

In an article of 8 November we carried in good faith a news agency report that said Mayor of Gila Bend, Ron Henry, had warned Prince Harry not to ‘fornicate the night away’ whilst on an army posting to the Arizona town.

We would like to make clear that Mr Henry did not make this statement and apologise to him for this error.

[The story on the Mail web site has been edited to reflect this correction with no indication that any edit has taken place]

London Bombings

An article in Friday’s paper repeated a claim previously published in several newspapers that victims of the 7/7 London bombings had been left to die because health and safety protocols meant firemen were initially unable to enter the tunnels.

While there was a delay, we are happy to clarify that the inquest found there was no evidence that any casualty had suffered or died as a result.

[This story no longer appears to be on the Mail web site. It may been this removed story, but I can’t be sure. Google’s summary of this missing story includes the text “Some victims of the 7/7 London bombings were left to die in agony because health and safety protocols meant firemen were unable to go into the train tunnels”. That story seems to have been resurrected here, but without the references to 7/7]

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