Oct 312011

From the Daily Mail

Pupil Behaviour

An article on July 11 reported that 1,000 pupils a day are excluded for violent behaviour and that this has doubled in a year. While the figure for exclusions is correct – and all the statistics were put to the Department before publication – this does not in fact represent an increase.

[This story has been corrected on the Mail web site. A note has been added to the end of the story describing the correction]

Banning the Whip

A joke in Andrew Pierce’s column yesterday suggested that Westminster should follow horse racing by banning use of the whip. In fact the British Horseracing Authority has not banned the whip but reduced the number of times a jockey can use it in a race

[This story remains uncorrected on the Mail web site]

Oct 312011

From the Daily Mail

Foreign Aid

A front-page article on 27 May said that Britain spends more on aid as a percentage of national income than any other country in the world. In fact it spends more than any other G8 country as a percentage of GDP and is second in the world behind the US in cash terms.

St Paul’s

It was not the Dean of St Paul’s who resigned over the anti-capitalist protest as suggested in the Jan Moir column on Friday. As correctly reported elsewhere in the paper it was Canon Giles Fraser who resigned his role as cathedral chancellor.

Jack Rodwell

A match report in last Thursday’s sports pages suggested  midfielder Jack Rodwell had played his first game for Everton after serving a suspension. Rodwell had, in fact, played in the two previous games for his club after having his suspension overturned by the FA.

Oct 302011

From the Mail on Sunday

Ekaterina Zatuleveter

Last Sunday we said part of MI5’s case against the spy-suspect Ekaterina Zatuleveter is her membership of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

The Club states Ms Zatuleveter is not a member and has never been invited to join its activities, which are to provide an independent scholarly analysis of political, economic and social processes in Russia and  the world.

Climate Change Act 2008

On October 9 an article said the Climate Change Act 2008 included a voluntary commitment to reduce Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions to 80 per cent of their 1990 level by 2050. In fact the Act says the emissions should be cut BY 80 per cent.

Brain Train

Last week we printed the wrong answers to the Brain Train puzzle in our Brain Workout section. The correct solutions were:  A-B=46, B-C=123, C-D=623.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Contrary to our reference to Brad Pitt as Angelina Jolie’s ‘husband’, the couple are not, in fact, married.

Oct 282011

From the Daily Mail

Gay Marriage

A recent article based on an Office for National Statistics report stated that most Britons still oppose gay marriage. While the ONS report did show that only a minority of Britons are in support of gay marriage, the more detailed statistics from the EU poll on which it was based suggest that the percentages for and against are about the same – 46% and 45% respectively – with a further 9% who ‘don’t know’. We are happy to clarify the position.

Oct 262011

From the Daily Mail

Carole Caplin

An article about Carole Caplin on 18 September 2010 ‘Carole’s £1m question: Will she tell all about Blairs’ sex secrets?’ suggested that Ms Caplin might reveal intimate details about Tony and Cherie Blair in a book for a substantial sum, which might lift the lid on their marriage and finish the Blairs. We accept that Ms Caplin would not disclose such matters and that there was nothing improper about massages she gave Mr Blair. We apologise to Ms Caplin.

High Noon

The Hollywood classic ‘High Noon’, which starred Gary Cooper, was released in 1952, not 1929 as stated in yesterday’s review of Philip Mason’s book ‘One in the eye for Harold: Why everything you thought you knew about history is wrong.’ It was another iconic Western, The Virginian, also starring Cooper, that came out in 1929.

Rugby World Cup

Wales’ total deficit from their three defeats in the World Cup was only FIVE points not six as our rugby correspondent reported on Monday and they beat Samoa by a margin of seven points

Oct 242011

From the Daily Mail

Dragons’ Den

On February 8 a feature about TV show Dragons’ Den included comments made by entrepreneur James Seddon which suggested that a deal made over his Eggxactly boiler had fallen apart because he felt he wasn’t a priority for his Dragon investors and was unable to contact them.

In fact, it was Mr Seddon who emailed Dragon Richard Farleigh to say that he was backing out of the deal. Mr Farleigh assures us he gave Mr Seddon significant help with the project and was disappointed not to be further involved.

Hound of the Baskervilles

The picture alongside  last Thursday’s Film Choice, Hound Of The Baskervilles, was, of course, Christopher Lee, who also starred in the film rather than Peter Cushing who played Sherlock Holmes.

Oct 222011

From the Mail on Sunday

Prince William

Last week we said Prince William, who is a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, was hoping for promotion to captain. In fact there is no such  rank in the RAF. We meant the Prince was hoping for promotion to command a helicopter.


In a Health article on June 19, we said the prescription drug Sativex, which is derived from cannabis, does not give patients a ‘high’ because the dose is low and comprises a controlled form of the substance. In fact, a feeling of euphoria is listed as a common side effect.

Cat Deeley

Contrary to our report last week, Cat Deeley has never been married. She would also like it known that it was not her ex-boyfriend Jack Huston who chose to end their relationship.

West Ham FC

Some early copies of the paper last weekend said West Ham FC were unbeaten in their last 18 home matches. Later editions were corrected by addition of the words ‘against Blackpool’.

Oct 202011

From the Daily Mail

[Note: For reasons that I don’t understand, there are two sets of corrections dated 21st October 2011]

Neil Morrissey

An article on 19 March suggested that actor Neil Morrissey had been banned from a French bar for drunken behaviour and encouraging binge-drinking, and that his property was worth £500,000.

While we were shown a poster which indicated that he had been barred, we now accept that none of these allegations are correct. We also accept that local property valuations were overstated. We apologise to Mr Morrissey.

Gluten-Free Bread

An article on 19 July reported, in common with other newspapers, that the NHS paid £32.27 per loaf of gluten-free bread for patients with coeliac disease.

In fact, this was the price for an average prescription of several loaves; the price per loaf was around £2.82.

Solar Power

A recent Moneymail article stated that generators of solar power receive 3.1p for every kilowatt hour of energy that they export to the national grid. In fact the tariff, linked to RPI, is 3.1p per kWh for 50pc of the total generated.

Oct 202011

From the Daily Mail

[Note: For reasons that I don’t understand, there are two sets of corrections dated 21st October 2011]

Astrid Harbord

Due to a miscaptioned agency picture, the photograph which accompanied Richard Kay’s diary item about Prince Harry’s friend Astrid Harbord yesterday was not in fact of her but of Olivia Hunt. We apologise for the confusion.

Downton on the High Street

Saturday’s ‘Downton On the High Street’ about clothes inspired by the TV series gave the price of a cream chiffon dress at £150. Although House of Fraser supplied this information at the time, the correct price is £316.

Oct 202011

From the Daily Mail

[Note: For reasons that I don’t understand, there are two sets of corrections dated 20th October 2011]

Muntjac Deer

An article on Monday claimed that muntjac deer cause 42,000 road accidents a year. In fact, this is the number of accidents caused by all deer and not just the muntjac.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Due to a production error between editions, some copies of Tuesday’s Daily Mail ran comments by Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson on the back page turning directly to quotes from Leeds chairman Ken Bates inside. We apologise for any confusion caused.